The future of art galleries

21 Dec 2020 

Long before 2020, we at CASA art retreat envisioned one possible future of art galleries: highly personal experiences in which you are not just a passive spectator but rather an active participant.

This was our main vision before we knew anything about COVID. We worked for years on this vision, and finally opened to the public… in 2020, the year when it became clear that this is one very valid version of art galleries’ future: places where you can live surrounded by art; immersive experiences.

The Stable

2020 changed everything and traditional art galleries took a big hit.

One way to recover is indeed this model: art galleries can turn into places where visitors can live for a few days surrounded by art. The reason is two-fold: not only that people can more intimately experience the art on display, but also the gallery will have an extra revenue stream from renting the space.

The other is the more obvious one, that everybody is talking about: move to online.

Online is the main way in which most art galleries will move forward, and it makes sense. We also love online and we are preparing something in that direction as well, but first and foremost we will continue to be a way to more personally experience art. Everything else will be a bonus, not a shift in our vision.