The Blacksmith's House

This is a typical traditional house for the Banat Highlands region of Romania, built in 1930 by the village's blacksmith. It featured 3 rooms and a small kitchen with a wood-burning stove, which was also used to cook food for the pigs and as an underground family distillery during the communist regime. Like any traditional house in Banat, this house had a pantry which was always full of homemade sausages, salo, jams, liquors and other goodies. The toilet was an outhouse.

Starting late 2013 the house went through a long restoration process, the idea being to bring in modern facilities while preserving its character.

The Master Bedroom

The two beds are made by local carpenters at the time the house was built and were in the house all the time, but got modern mattresses instead of the traditional corn stalk mattresses.

The original wooden floor looks amazing after it has been treated with linseed oil. The wooden frame windows overlooking the orchard are new, but have the same shape as the originals, except that they have double glass.

The Small Bedroom

A double room with wooden frame windows overlooking the orchard and the yard. You can close the window blinds if you don't want to be woken up by the natural light. The original floor in this room could not be saved, so it has a brand new wooden floor, installed in the same traditional way - with wooden beams and sand underneath, no cement.

The Piano room

The room has windows towards the street and is a very good place to get creative during the colder days. PS: The piano is completely out of tune.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was completely redone while preserving some of the original elements, like the wooden beams, but it now has a high ceiling and is fully equipped - including a gas stove and an electric oven.